Having second thoughts about your fitness membership? Here’s what the rules say about cancelling these types of memberships in BC.

Fitness membership contracts

If you’ve committed to a fitness membership (gym, yoga, spinning, boxing, etc.), you’re probably entering what’s called a continuing services contract. We regulate aspects of these contracts, including your cancellation rights.

Can I change my mind about my fitness membership?

It depends on why you want to cancel your membership. Here are the situations that allow you to cancel and get your money back for unused services if you are locked in a contract with a fitness studio.

You can cancel if:

  1. It’s the first 10 days of your membership. When you receive a copy of your contract, you have 10 days to cancel for any reason.
  2. You are mentally or physically unable to participate. You must provide a note from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.
  3. You have moved more than 30 km from the facility. You must provide proof of your new address.
  4. The business has changed the services they offer. For example, if the business has closed or moved, or an amenity like a pool is no longer available you may have the right to cancel.

How to cancel your fitness membership

Does one of the situations described above apply to you? Great! Before you move forward, you need to learn how to properly cancel your fitness membership according to BC law and use the right forms. We have a ton of information on our website to help you. Learn how to cancel a fitness membership in BC.

None of those situations apply to me

If the situations above do not apply to you, you are likely bound to the cancellation policy you agreed to when you signed up. This is why it’s incredibly important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any contract you agree to. Reference the cancellation policy, speak to the fitness studio about your options, and remember to be kind.

Where to go for more information

Eager for more information on this topic? Explore our website to learn your cancellation rights for fitness memberships in BC.

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