Know your fees

All high-cost credit grantor licences expire on October 31.

The fee for a high-cost credit grantor licence is defined in the High-Cost Credit Products Regulation.

  • New head office licence: $5,412/year
  • New licence for each branch location: $2,229/year
  • Head office renewal: $5,412/year
  • Branch location: $2,229/year

Read the High-Cost Credit Product Regulation 

Prorated licence fees

If you become licensed mid-way through the year, this is the fee schedule:

Month of applicationNovDecJanFebMarAprMay JunJulAugSep Oct
Principal location$5,412$4,961$4,510$4,059$3,608$3,157$2,706$2,255$1,804$1,353$902$451
Per branch location$2,229$2,043$1,858$1,672$1,486$1,300$1,115$929$743$557$372$186

Other fees and charges

  • Change in licensee’s name or change in licensed location address: $61
  • Change in senior officers / shareholder of the licensee: $61
  • Submitting a non-sufficient fund (NSF) payment or declined credit card payment: $59
  • Application for reconsideration of a decision: $262

Read about our reconsideration process.

Contributions to the Consumer Financial Education Fund

The contribution amounts and administration details of the Consumer Financial Education Fund (CFEF) are defined in the High-Cost Credit Product Regulation. The CFEF contributions are due at the same time as the licence application.

  • Head office contribution: $200/year
  • Contribution for each branch location: $200/year
  • For those businesses becoming licensed throughout the year, the CFEF contribution is pro-rated monthly

Prorated CFEF contributions

CFEF contributionNovDecJanFebMarAprMay JunJulAugSep Oct
Principal location$200$183$167$150$133$117$100$83$67$50$33$17
Per branch location$200$183$167$150$133$117$100$83$67$50$33$17

Learn more about the CFEF
Are you a licensed payday lender? Read about your CFEF contributions and deadlines.

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