Get your content rated

In BC, all motion pictures must be classified (rated) before being shown in theatres, and all Adult and Restricted DVDs must be submitted for review and decaled before being sold or rented by retailers.

A motion picture may include, but is not limited to:

  • a movie or “feature”
  • a documentary
  • a short film
  • a featurette or “sneak preview”
  • an encore exhibition of a simultaneous broadcast
  • an advertising trailer

If you are already a licensed distributor, access our online submission forms directly.

Read the Motion Picture Act.
Read the Motion Picture Act Regulations.

How to get a rating

What if I’m distributing in Saskatchewan too?

Through an administrative agreement we provide some classification services for Saskatchewan.

We issue classification certificates for movies screening in both BC and Saskatchewan theatres. When you submit your movie to us you can ask for classification in BC only or in BC and Saskatchewan. If you request both provinces, we will apply the $440.00 classification fee on behalf of Saskatchewan, in addition to our own classification fees.

We also issue decals for Adult or Restricted DVDs distributed to Saskatchewan retailers. Decal fees are the same for both provinces.

We don’t classify trailers for Saskatchewan or movies that are being screened in that province only. Visit the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board to learn more about their requirements and processes.

Learn about our administrative agreement with Saskatchewan.