Know your contracts

When you book travel for your customers, that’s a contract. Your receipts/invoices are a key element of your contract with your customers. As a BC travel agent or wholesaler, there are specific contract rules in BC that you must follow. 

If your contract doesn’t have everything it should, your customer can cancel it and get a refund. This puts your business at risk.  

What type of contracts do you have? 

  • If you sell travel online, by email, by fax, or over the phone, that’s a distance sales contract.   
  • When you sell travel services that are happening at a later date, or it’s not all paid for upfront, that is considered to be a future performance contract.  

You must follow certain rules with each of these types of contracts and they must include certain information and cancellation rights. 

Learn about the rules for distance sales contracts 
Learn about the rules for future performance contracts