Know your fees

All travel agent / wholesaler licences expire on March 31.

Licence application fees

  • New licence: $1,149
  • New licence for a branch office of travel agent / wholesaler: $746
  • New applicant initial contribution to Travel Assurance Fund (TAF): $563

Renewal licence application fees

For applications submitted more than two weeks prior to licence expiry

  • Licence renewal: $689

For applications submitted within two weeks prior to licence expiry

  • Licence renewal: $746

Other fees and charges

  • Change in licensee’s name: $57
  • Change in senior officers / shareholder of the licensee: $57
  • Submitting an NSF payment or declined credit card payment: $55
  • Application for reconsideration of a decision: $242
  • Charge for late filing of financial statement / annual contribution to the Travel Assurance Fund (TAF): $242

Read about our reconsideration process.

Prorated licence fees

If you become licensed mid-way through the year, this is the fee schedule:

Month of applicationAprMay Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct-Mar
New agency$1,149$1,053$957$862$766$670$574
New branch$746$684$622$560$497$435$372


All fees and charges will increase each year by 2% on the anniversary of the effective date.

Read the notification of fee changes for travel agents and wholesalers (2018-2020).