Want to request a classification for a commercial theatrical release film or trailer shown in Ontario theaters? Visit our Distributing to other provinces page and select the Ontario drop-down menu.  Please also read our notice for more details about our agreement with the Government of Ontario.  

The Motion Picture Act provides for some exemptions to its classification requirements.

Read the Motion Picture Act.
Read the Motion Picture Act Regulations.

What’s the scope of our mandate?

We are responsible for classifying publicly exhibited pre-recorded motion pictures in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And we review Adult and Restricted DVDs distributed to retailers.

Promotional screenings advertised by word-of-mouth do fall within our mandate because they are open to the public.

Encore exhibitions of simultaneous broadcasts fall within our mandate because they are pre-recorded.

When requested, we provide classification of movies for Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View, and streaming/online, as well as general release DVDs.