By law, any person that provides telemarketing services to BC consumers by telephone or fax requires a licence. Telemarketing is often used to try to sell a product or a service, but can also take form of surveys or information gathering on behalf or for the benefit of another party. Many industries rely heavily on telemarketing such as cable & internet services, home security system, financial services, vacation & timeshare, charitable organization.

Read the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.
Read the Telemarketer Licensing Regulation.

Do you need a licence?

You need a licence if…

  • you solicit consumer for donation in form of money or property on behalf of a business, charity or society
  • you solicit consumer through phone of faxes with the intent to sell them goods or services
  • you solicit donations on behalf of another business
  • you accept payment either over the phone or via fax for the goods or services

You may not need a licence if…

  • you solicit donation for your own organization
  • you solicit consumer to sell insurance and securities as defined under the BC Securities Act
  • your company is a saving institution as defined in the BC Interpretation Act

How to get licensed

You are required to provide the following to be a licensed.

Licence application forms