It’s important to make sure a new gym is the right fit before taking the plunge and committing to a membership. Here are some tips to help you decide if a gym is right for you and your fitness goals.

Your rights in BC

When you purchase a gym membership, you are entering a type of contract called a continuing service contract. These contracts also apply to dance lessons, personal training, weight loss programs or self-defense classes. We regulate certain parts of these contracts, including your cancellation rights. For example, you can cancel your gym membership within the first 10 days no matter what. Learn more about your cancellation rights for gyms in BC.

6 tips to help you choose a gym

  1. Find out how busy it is. If possible, buy a day pass or get a free trial around your expected regular workout time. Take note if the busyness of the gym is affecting your ability to complete your session in the time you allotted.
  2. Get a tour and take notes. Ask a staff member to give you a tour and take notes of what the gym has to offer.
    1. See if you are willing to compromise if they don’t offer some of the equipment or amenities you are looking for.
    2. Take note of the quality of equipment, if the gym/changerooms are clean, and if the space is well maintained.
  3. Make sure the location works for you. It might not seem like a big deal but joining a gym closer to your work or home can make it a lot easier to motivate yourself to go.
  4. Know what you are paying for. Find out if you would be paying for services you won’t use. These can include things like tanning bed or massage chair access, spa or sauna privileges, or access to certain classes or personal training. Check if there are different options that better suit your needs.
  5. Read your contract before signing. Ensure you’re aware of the length of the contract, the total cost, and what the cancellation policy is. Are you allowed to suspend your membership if you need to? Take your time to read the details.
  6. Learn your cancellation rights in BC. There are specific situations that give you the right to cancel your membership, regardless of what you may have signed in your contract. Learn more about your cancellation rights for gyms in BC.

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