Investing can be an intimidating topic for a lot of us. Here’s a resource to help build your knowledge when it comes to your investments and learn how to avoid fraud.

Build your knowledge about investing

Have you heard about InvestRight by the BC Securities Commission (BCSC)? It’s an investor education website with unbiased investing information put on by the BCSC, an independent provincial government agency. The BCSC provides info and tools to help British Columbians with their investing decisions and protect them from fraud.

What to expect from this resource

Explore the InvestRight website to learn the basics, manage your investments, and protect yourself from investment scams. To get started, you can explore five common investment types:

The website also has some e-learning, guides, and interactive tools. BCSC research shows that some British Columbians, even those with investments, have trouble seeing themselves as investors. You can take a quiz on their website to find out if you are an investor or a saver.

Where to go for more information

The BC Securities Commission is responsible for overseeing and enforcing the investment rules in BC. Learn more about the BC Securities Commission. You can learn more investing through the InvestRight website.

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