Want to learn how to travel better? Look no further! Check out these top travel tips from other British Columbians to help make your travel experience even smoother.

We asked, you answered!

We asked BC consumers on Facebook to tell us their top travel tips and they sure delivered! To join in on the conversation, like our Facebook page and follow along! We like to get feedback from our community, and we share info about local scams, consumer tips, and your rights in BC.

These are your top travel tips

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who shared their tips with us on Facebook! For space reasons, not all tips were included and some were edited and condensed to improve readability. 

Booking and planning

  1. Book with a travel agent – Kathleen
  2. Use your phone to take pictures of important information such as medications, contact lenses, tickets, etc. If you lose your phone, the information will still be accessible via the cloud – Pia
  3. Photocopy your ID and credit cards and take one copy with you and leave the other with someone at home in case you need to reference any information if things are lost or stolen – Dianna
  4. Register for loyalty programs to reap the perks and points – Heather
  5. Have comprehensive insurance and share your itinerary with friends and family – Jo-Anne
  6. Before you go, share your travel information with trusted a friend or family member, including flights, hotel addresses, car rental and any booking numbers. – Charmaigne
  7. Leave enough time between your connecting flights – Rhiannyn
  8. Try to book on the same airline for connecting flights so your bags go straight through, and you don’t have to retrieve and recheck them for the next flight – Rhiannyn
  9. If you’re going out of country, register with the Canadian government to notify you in case of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home. – Heather
  10. Add the address and telephone number of the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate to your phone or write it down and keep it with your passport and travel documents. – Charmaigne

Preparing your luggage

  1. Always pack a full change of clothes in your carry-on bag (plus swimsuit if needed) – Heidi
  2. Put GPS trackers in your checked bags so you can always locate them – Cheryl
  3. Only place medications in your carry on and clearly label them – Olga
  4. Use zip ties instead of locks on your checked luggage – Olga
  5. Only put your name and email on your checked and carry-on luggage and put your address in an envelope inside both. Thieves can lurk near carousels and lineups at airport terminals to seek out addresses of empty homes for potential break and enters. – Richard
  6. Always dress for winter when it’s winter outside the airplane. You may be required to exit the plane in an emergency and will need real shoes and a coat if it’s cold out! – Grant
  7. Have your passport and emergency cash on your person during landing and take-off in case of an emergency evacuation – Grant
  8. Only take a carry-on sized suitcase that fits in the overhead compartment and a handheld bag to stow at your feet. No need to worry about lost or delayed baggage! – Alana
  9. If you’re travelling as a duo, split your belongings between the two suitcases if you’re checking bags – Karen
  10. Put colourful stickers or ribbons on your luggage so it’s easy to spot – Heather

During your travels

  1. Be patient
  2. Take tons of photos of the rental car before you drive off with it so you can document any pre-existing damage – Janet
  3. Understand the laws of the country you’re visiting and show respect – consider learning a few useful phrases in that language.
  4. You are travelling to experience another country with different customs, traditions, and food/drink. You are a visitor in their homeland. Be respectful, understanding, and appreciative. – Charmaigne

Did we miss any? What are your top tips for travelling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Booking travel? Use a BC licensed travel agent

Ensure that your travel plans are protected by booking with a licensed BC travel agent. In BC, travel agents must be licensed and meet certain requirements. You also have access to extra protections if you don’t get the travel services you bought – but only if you booked with a licensed travel agent! Check if a travel agent is licensed with us by looking them up on our website.

Where to go for more information

Preparing for travel abroad isn’t something we oversee but there are other resources that you can check out. The Government of Canada shares lots of information on how to prepare for travel outside Canada. Learn more about travelling to, from, and within Canada at travel.gc.ca  

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