Are you getting debt collection calls about a debt that is not yours? Sometimes collectors have the wrong or outdated contact information. Here’s what you need to know to fix the problem.

Your debt collection rights in BC

Are you getting calls for John Smith when your name is Sally Anderson? You have the right to notify the collection agency that they have the wrong person. If they continue to call you after you’ve notified them properly, there are options for you.

What to do if it’s not your debt

To let them know that they have the wrong person, you must notify them in writing. Send your notification in a way that gives you proof of delivery (mail, fax, or email). Keep copies for your record and give the collection agency three to five business days to process your request.

  • Notify a collection agency that you are not the debtor:

What if the debt collector keeps calling you?

If the collector keeps calling you after a few business days, keep track of the calls by getting copies of your phone records or by taking pictures of your call display. Once you’ve done that, please submit a complaint to us directly so we can assess the situation.

Dealing with debt collection calls in BC

We know dealing with debt can be stressful, especially if you’re getting collection calls. In BC, you have rights when it comes to debt collection. Not everyone’s experience with debt is the same but the rules apply to all of us. Learn your rights in BC and access tools and resources to help you on your debt journey.

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About Consumer Protection BC

We are responsible for licensing debt collectors and regulating certain aspects of the debt collection industry in BC. The law speaks to when a collector can contact you and how they can communicate with you. We can’t help with every debt related issue and we’re not financial advisors. Find out more about us and the other industries and transactions we oversee by exploring our website.