Complaint Assistant

Before filing a complaint with us please take a look at our Consumer Help page. Our resources include details about your rights and self-help tools to assist you in resolving the issue on your own.  

If you have attempted to resolve the issue without success you can submit a complaint to us. We will review the information to determine if further action is required. You will be required to include supporting documentation verifying the steps you have taken to resolve the issue so please make sure you have photos or other documents ready and in electronic format.

The information you provide will be held in confidence subject to our privacy policy. The information you provide may be shared in some circumstances – like to other agencies for investigation, or if your complaint proceeds to a hearing. You will be providing consent to sharing the information when you submit the form.  

As you progress through the complaint form it may be that your issue falls outside our authority to investigate.  If that happens you will be redirected to another page on our website that offers other resources which may be able to assist you.