Looking to take out a loan? Responsible borrowing can be a good thing, but sometimes loans can get you in trouble. Before you make a decision, here are some things to think about.

Things to think about before you take out a loan

1. Think long-term. Review your budget and decide if you need the money now or if it can wait until you’ve saved for it. If it’s a need, ask yourself some questions. How long will it take for you to pay it back? Can you afford the payments? What if interest rates rise?

2. Is it good or bad debt? Good debt is an investment in something that creates value or produces more wealth in the long run (like a loan for a renovation or a student loan to improve your job prospects). Bad debt is borrowing to buy something that goes down in value or that you can’t repay in full, resulting in more interest and debt (like going into debt for a vacation or for an expensive item you can’t repay by the billing period).

3. Explore your options. Shop around and compare different loans. You’ll want to consider the features, advantages, and disadvantages of different types of credit.

4. Understand the total cost of the loan. When you compare the costs of different types of credit, compare the annual percentage rate (APR), not just the advertised interest rate. Ultimately, you want to know how much the loan will cost you with interest plus any fees or penalties. Learn how to understand the true cost of your loan.

5. Work with a legitimate and licensed lender. Verifying that you are borrowing from a law-abiding and regulated business may be the most crucial step in the loan process. Learn more about the risks of working with illegitimate lenders and how to tell the difference.

Where to go for more information

Financial advice isn’t something we can help you with directly but there are other options to consider. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has tons of information to help you make informed borrowing decisions.

You may also be interested in speaking to your financial institution or a financial advisor to see if they can offer you personalized advice on your financial situation.

About Consumer Protection BC

We’re a not-for-profit provincial regulator. The laws we oversee capture your rights when it comes to credit reportingdebt collectionpayday loanshigh-cost loans, and certain aspects of debt repayment services. Find out more about us and the other industries and transactions we oversee by exploring our website.

Learn more about your rights when it comes to debt and borrowing.

Debt and borrowing in BC

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