Is your big day approaching? Congratulations! Here are a few things you may want to do now that you and your partner are almost hitched.

1. Order your marriage licence.

Some time in the three months leading up to the big day, you will need to buy a married licence.

  • You must apply in person, but only one of you needs to be there
  • You need to bring both you and your partner’s ID, such as a birth certificate, permanent resident card, or citizenship card (sometimes they will accept a passport or driver’s licence)
  • A marriage licence costs $100 and is non-refundable
  • Search for a Marriage Licence Issuer in your area

2. Book your honeymoon with a BC licensed travel agent.

Booking your honeymoon plans with a BC licensed travel agent offers certain protections. The Travel Assurance Fund (TAF) is a possible source of compensation if you don’t get the travel services you bought and is only available if you booked with a licensed agent or wholesaler. You can do a licence search on our website.

3. After your big day, tell the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about your name change. 

If you changed your name, you must tell the CRA. The CRA suggests you call 1-800-959-8281 to do this.  

  • They do not accept changes of name by email or Internet
  • The CRA will not forward this information to other government departments or organizations (except Elections Canada, if you give permission)
  • You must contact the appropriate organizations directly to pass along the details of your name change

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