Have you heard of people choosing “unbundled” services when they hire a lawyer? We’ve collected information from the Provincial Court of British Columbia on what exactly this looks like and where you can go for more details.

What does “unbundling” mean?

According to the Provincial Court of British Columbia, a lawyer who offers unbundled services will only do (and charge you for) the tasks you agree on in advance. For example, maybe you want to do some of the work yourself but you need help drafting something up.

So, instead of an all-or-nothing approach to hiring a lawyer, you identify tasks you want to do on our own and the ones you want the lawyer to do. The plan you and the lawyer come up with is built to suit your budget and skill level.

Hiring a lawyer? Ask them if they offer unbundled services. 

I want to know more

A website hosted by Courthouse Libraries BC and supported by Access to Justice BC and Mediate BC offers additional information about the process, as well as some questions to ask yourself before going forward with unbundled legal services, as the service may not be for everyone.

Not interested in unbundled services but looking for legal help?

You may be interested in calling the Canadian Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service. They provide a 30-minute initial consultation for $25.

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