It seems weird to be talking about holiday parties in September, doesn’t it? Last week we received two calls from consumers, asking about deposits they put down on holiday venue rentals – specifically, they asked if they were entitled to refunds if they cancelled their contracts. Check out our top three tips when it comes to signing a contract for a venue rental.

1. Read your contract.

Before you sign the agreement, make sure you fully understand the contents of the contract and your rights and obligations. Don’t forget to ask for (and keep!) a copy of the contract for your records.

2. Understand the cancellation terms and conditions.

What happens to your deposit if you need to cancel your party? Will you receive back a portion of the deposit you put down, or will you have to forfeit the entire amount? Will you be on the hook for any additional fees or charges?

3. Become familiar with BC’s contract law.

Depending on the kind of contract you enter into (and how you enter into it), Consumer Protection BC may have an oversight. Under the BC law, there are rules in place that speak to required contract contents and cancellation rights.

For more information on BC’s contract law, and how to cancel one, learn about it on our website.


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