Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting (and stressful) times of your life. They are expensive and there is an extensive amount of long term planning. You have to think about the location, the wedding dress, the bachelorette party, the bridesmaid dresses, the cake, the photographer and so on and so on.

So, what happens if your photographer suddenly isn’t responding to your texts and takes off with your deposit? Or the bakery making your cake goes out of business?

Check out these 7 tips to protect yourself and make sure your big day is fun-filled and worry free:

Plan ahead

Try to start your arrangements early so there’s more flexibility in planning.

Find reputable businesses

Do your research and ask friends and family for recommendations. Make sure you get at least three references. Beware of deals that are too good to be true and check their standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Read the contracts front to back

Make sure all the dates are included in the contract and find out what the cancellation and refund policies are (including returns on deposits). Make sure that the terms are completely spelled out in the written contract and that you know exactly what will happen if the contract is cancelled for some reason.

Avoid paying cash

That way if there are any shenanigans you can ask your credit card provider for a chargeback. Also, avoid paying in full before the contracted goods or services are provided to you.

Check in periodically

It may be a good idea to mark some days in your calendar to check in with each vendor to make sure things are moving along at the scheduled times.

Leave extra time

Give yourself some leeway and anticipate that there may be delays.

Get everything in writing

This is a good practice for any contract. It’s important to have serious discussions regarding contracts, dates, and cost in writing for your own record. You may need to refer back to it later if you run into problems.

Once you start planning, make sure you equip yourself with enough information to make informed decisions as the process moves along. That way you can focus your attention on the fun stuff and not worry about the legalities because you’ve already covered your bases. If an unforeseen problem arises, you can file a complaint with your local BBB.


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