Your sunscreen, toothbrush and passport are packed – you’re ready for your holiday! And while most vacations are wrinkle-free, sometimes issues come up: luggage could be lost or family members could become ill. Keep reading for tips and information about travel insurance.

Consumer Protection BC is responsible for administering BC’s travel laws, including licensing travel agents and wholesalers operating in BC and managing the Travel Assurance Fund. While we don’t oversee travel insurance, it’s a question that we get asked from time to time on our Facebook page. Here’s what we learned from the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) website (a great consumer resource, by the way!):

1. Read the fine print.

It’s always important to read the terms and conditions of any agreement. Does the policy cover pre-existing conditions? What about accidents that occur during risky activities, such as parasailing or skydiving? Know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

2. What happens if you need to cancel your trip?

Find out if you’re on the hook for a portion – or even all – of the cost of your trip if the unexpected happens and you’re forced to cancel.

3. Research medical coverage.

If you travel outside Canada, you are responsible for medical costs that exceed the rates set by the province. The cost of health services in some countries may be much higher than costs in Canada. How much does your policy cover?

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