The holiday season is in full swing – family and friend visits, gift shopping, travelling, holiday parties and the list goes on and on. We may be busy but it’s also a great time to reflect on the year that passed. We publish a blog post every week so we thought…why not look back at the year and share the five blog posts that were the most read in 2015? They weren’t all written this past year but they were still the most popular! Here they are:

1. A scam warning from Canada Revenue Agency

Even though this blog post is from 2014, it was still the most read post of 2015. And, yes this scam is still going around. New and varied versions keep coming out so be aware!

2. Can I return a new car?

Check out this post to answer this question! Lots of useful information and referrals are on this blog.

3. Scanning Code of Practice – what you need to know

This practice may not be well known but important to many of us. Learn more by visiting the blog.

4. One thing left to do when you have paid off your mortgage!

If you have accomplished this big mission, read on to find out more!

5. Getting calls from a debt collector?

Information packed blog, if you have questions about debt collection, you may find the answers here.

Thank you for visiting our blog this year and we hope to keep providing you with useful information in 2016. Your questions and comments are a very important part of our and we appreciate your participation!

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