So the big day has arrived and you have finally paid off your mortgage. Good for you! But there is one more thing that needs to happen to be completely free of your mortgage. The title of your house needs to be cleared and your lender must provide you with a specific document, by law.

Paying off your mortgage: the law in BC

Under BC’s consumer protection laws, once your mortgage is paid in full, a mortgage lender must provide you with a discharge document (often called a “release”) within 30 days. If the mortgage is a revolving mortgage (commonly known as home equity line of credit or HELOC), the document must be given within 30 days of you making a request. 

This document removes/clears the mortgage charge on the property that’s filed with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). The process is meant to accurately report the status and ownership of private property.

The law in BC also requires that the mortgage company/credit grantor charges you no more than $75 to prepare the release document.

Why it matters

There can be risks if a mortgage lender keeps the charge on your property and doesn’t provide the discharge document promptly. It can create complications for financial planning, provide opportunities for fraud or delay your ability to sell your home.

What do I need to do?

Typically, you do not need to take any action once a mortgage has been paid off as most mortgage lenders will electronically file the discharge document with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia to remove a paid off mortgage on your behalf.

However, we recommend you confirm that this final step has been completed within 30 days of paying off your mortgage. You can contact your financial institution directly to request a State of Title Certificate or you can do a land title search on your property with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia to ensure the record is accurate. 

Enjoy living mortgage-free!

Where to go for help

If you are charged more than $75 for the release document or it takes longer than 30 days to receive it, please submit a complaint to our office for review.

Want to change a mortgage on title? The LTSA recommends you hire a lawyer or notary public to assist you. Learn more about making changes to title.

Looking for details about your mortgage? Your mortgage lender would be the best resource to assist you.

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