Do you find that you’re ordering more things online these days, including groceries? Here are our top 5 tips if you order your groceries online.

Top 5 tips for ordering your groceries online

1. Explore your options. If you have a few grocery stores in your area, consider checking out all their websites or apps to see which grocery-buying experience is the easiest to use and navigate. You can also compare prices, weekly coupons, and delivery/pick-up times to find out which grocer suits your needs best.

2. Plan ahead. Wait times for delivery or pick up can vary depending on how busy they are. Try to plan your meals in advance to give yourself some extra time for delivery or pick-up so there’s a buffer and you’re not left waiting.

3. Be aware of the total cost. You may find that ordering online ends up being more expensive with pick-up or delivery fees. To account for this, consider comparing the costs or ordering online vs. in-store and find out what makes the most sense for you. Before you click “confirm purchase”, make sure you know exactly what you’re being charged and double check your order to make sure it’s accurate.

4. Communicate clearly. Clear communication is important in all transactions, even more so when you are ordering items online and can’t speak with anyone in person. For example, if your delivery address is a little complicated, try to be as clear as possible with your delivery instructions. The same goes for substitutions. Did you ask for apples and end up with oranges? Most stores have an option to select a replacement option if something you want is out of stock. Another great way to communicate what you need is to use the comment option (if they have it). For instance, you can leave a comment with your selection (ex. “please pick firm/unripe avocados”) to help communicate your preferences.

5. Be flexible. Supply issues happen and items may be out of stock. So, be prepared to adapt and remember to be kind to our frontline workers.

Do you have any tips for a smooth online grocery shopping experience? Share them in the comments below!

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