We’re back with more of your wonderful consumer tips for Part 2 of our two-part series on savvy grocery shopping. Now, that you already know how to prepare for your grocery shopping endeavor, we’re going to share tips for saving money once you’re actually in the store! 

The savvy shoppers’ guide to groceries – Part 2

While Part 1 guided you through how to prepare for your shop, Part 2 will focus on navigating the aisles and being strategic with your purchases.

Helpful tools for savvy shopping

The savvy shopper’s guide to groceries

Here are some resources that may be useful for your grocery shopping trips.

  • Your list to refer to
  • Rewards cards
  • Reusable bags to save money on bag charges (and to be green)
  • Scanner Price Accuracy Code: This is a voluntary code that participating retailers follow to ensure scanner price accuracy for consumers. Read more about the code.
  • Rain checks: did you know that when a sale item is sold out you can ask the cashier for a rain check? That means you can come back later when the item is in stock and the store will honour the sale price.

Perusing the aisles in search of savings

Here are some tips to keep in mind in the thick of your shopping experience.

The savvy shopper’s guide to groceries – Part 2

  • Add prices up in your head or on a calculator as you go. That way, you’re not surprised at the till. This can also help keep you in check when you’re tempted to make an impulse purchase.
  • Pay attention to the price per unit. This makes it easier to compare prices without whipping out your calculator.
  • Avoid the items placed at the end of the aisles. Instead, check their regular location to find better prices and sales.
  • In general, try to stay on the perimeter of the grocery store. The perimeter tends to have less processed foods and is also where the some of the more affordable food lives (discounted produce and meat, baked goods, etc.)
  • Buy bulk when it makes sense.
  • Don’t take your cart down every aisle. Tuck it off to the side (so not to annoy fellow shoppers) and beeline it for the item you’re looking for. A member of our Facebook community, Barbara, suggested this tip to avoid tossing impulse purchases into your cart out of convenience.

The possibilities of produce

  • If you are interested in buying local, look for “grown in BC” labels. If you’re not sure, ask!
  • Some grocery stores have a discounted produce section. Check it out and buy some ripe fruits and veggies to eat that night or freeze for later.

    The savvy shopper’s guide to groceries – Part 2

  • Carefully consider how much produce you are buying to avoid food waste.
  • Try going meatless when possible. Meat can be expensive, so try sticking to vegetarian meals for a portion of the week to save money. Plus, it’s fun to try out new recipes!

Till tips

  • Organize your coupons while you wait in line to make things faster and easier.
  • Check your receipt before you leave the store to make sure no items were double scanned.
  • Double check that any coupons/discount cards were applied.
  • Keep your receipt in case you need to return a spoiled food item.

Did we miss anything? We want to hear from you. Share your favourite grocery shopping tips in the comments section below!

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