Have you ever purchased something from a door-to-door salesperson and found yourself in a contract that you don’t want to be in? In BC, you have the right to cancel in certain circumstances. Here’s what you need to know.

Your door, your rules 

In BC, there are rules when it comes to legitimate door-to-door sales, which means that you have rights. Specifically, these types of contracts allow you to cancel in certain situations.

And remember, you don’t have to make a quick decision – take your time and do what feels right to you. After all, it’s your door, your rules. 

Your cancellation rights

It’s important to know what exactly you are agreeing to when you sign a contract. While there are specific cancellation rights in BC, you do have a responsibility to do your due diligence when agreeing to a purchase.

Here’s an overview of your cancellation rights when you enter into a door to door sales contract:

  • Once you get a copy of the contract, you have 10 days to cancel for any reason
  • Within the first year of signing the contract you can cancel if:
    • There is information missing in the contract
    • You didn’t get a copy of the contract at the time it was entered into
    • You were asked for a down payment of more than $100 or 10% of the total price
    • The goods or services were not delivered to you within 30 days of the supply date

How to cancel

To cancel your contract, print off and complete a cancellation form to send directly to the business in a way that allows you to get proof of delivery (registered mail, fax, or email to ensure you have proof of delivery).

Keep copies for your records and be sure to follow up with the business! It is always a good idea to confirm a contract cancellation. The law gives the business 15 days to respond. If that step is unsuccessful, submit a complaint to our office.

Knowledge is power. Help yourself and others when it comes to door-to-door sales.

We have lots of information and tools to help you make informed decisions around door-to-door sales. Brush up on your knowledge and share what you know with the people you care about. The important thing to remember is that there are rules when it comes to these transactions. Take your time before you sign anything and talk to someone you trust if you’re unsure. You got this.

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Where do we fit in?

Our organization is responsible for overseeing certain aspects of these contracts, like contract requirements and your cancellation rights. Learn more about when we can step in and help.

About Consumer Protection BC

We are responsible for regulating specific industries and certain consumer transactions in British Columbia. If your concern is captured under the laws we enforce, we will use the tools at our disposal to assist you. If we can’t help you directly, we will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible. Depending on your concern, another organization may be the ones to speak to; other times, court or legal assistance may be the best option. Explore our website at www.consumerprotectionbc.ca.