School starts next week and that means back to school shopping for many of us! Start the learning early this year by teaching your kids the importance of being a smart consumer! Here are tips we would like to share about retail sales and cell phones that we often receive questions about.

Retail Sales

Whether you’re buying stationery supplies, new clothes, or a new laptop, it’s important to ask about the store’s return and refund policy before you pay for your items. Stores are not required by law to accept refunds, exchanges, or provide store credit. This means that each retailer has the right to create their own policies. Make a habit of always keeping your receipts as many shops which do offer refunds will only do so with proof of purchase.

Cell Phones

There are many enticing back to school cell phone plans offered by cellular phone providers. If you are thinking about getting a cell phone for you or someone in your family, ask about the services and features that will be included in your monthly rate. With texts, internet usage and special features becoming the norm, it is easy to go over your monthly limits. It is important to understand that the majority of cell phone companies do not provide a “grace” period in which you can change your mind. Carefully consider what you will be using the phone for and choose a plan that works for you. And always read the fine print in the contract before signing it!


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