The movie classifications (a.k.a ratings) with the “A” attached to them are often misunderstood by movie-goers. Of the six classification categories in British Columbia, two of them require Adult Accompaniment (14A and 18A).

For films rated as “14A” and “18A”, persons under the age of 14 and 18 may only attend when accompanied by an adult. An adult is considered to be someone 18 years of age or over. It’s important to know that theatres cannot waive the adult accompaniment requirement which means that the adult must watch the movie with the underage viewer. A parent’s permission is not enough under the law.

Under the Motion Picture Act, theatres in BC are required to follow and enforce all age restrictions. We have a rack card that is available in BC theatres to explain Adult Accompaniment to anyone who has questions.

Visit the “What do the ratings mean?” section on our website for more information about all of the film classifications in BC and what kind of content they may include.

You can find more information about the law by reviewing the Motion Picture Act and the Motion Picture Act Regulations. If you have any other questions, please leave your question in the comment section below!


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