As my little cousin’s birthday is coming up, I wanted to take her to the movies. If you have kids, you are probably aware that there is a new animated movie about Easter that has been released called “Hop”. The movie seems geared towards children, it looks pretty cute and I’m sure I’ll get a few good laughs out of it as well (not to mention that I love animations and Disney films).

Because my aunt and uncle are pretty conservative, I thought it would be a good idea to look on our motion picture page for classification search and check the classification of the movie. After typing “Hop” into the title search box, I was able to find out the movie is rated G (general). Clicking on the details button gave me more information and I was able to find out that “Hop” does have “several scenes of violence depicting fighting”. It was helpful to have this information to pass along to my uncle and aunt.

Checking out the details that our motion picture classification provides is a great way to avoid any surprises in the movie theatre, especially when you are taking kids. It’s also important to know that often the classification that you see on television is the American version, which is not the same rating system as in Canada.

For more information on recent ratings and the categories we use in Canada, visit our motion picture page