Do you know what a continuing services contract is? Do you think it is a contract which:

a) Provides instruction, training, or assistance in bodybuilding and exercising
b) Applies to weight loss facilities and self-defence lessons
c) Includes dance lessons
d) Gives the consumer access to membership to a health studio or gym
e) All of the above

If you answered “e”, you’re correct! Continuing services contracts include specific services that are of a “physical nature”. If you are considering entering into a continuing services contract, here are a few things that must be included in the contract:

the supplier’s name, business address and business phone number,

  • The date on which the contract is entered into
  • A detailed description of the goods or services to be supplied under the contract
  • A detailed statement of the terms of payment
  • A notice of the consumer’s rights of cancellation, in the prescribed form and manner, if any
  • The period of time, in months, over which the consumer can reasonably expect to receive the services (must not be more than 24 months)

For a complete list of information that should be included in your continuing services contract, check out Sections 19 and 24 of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. This piece of consumer law includes information about specific types of contracts. You can also visit our website herefor more information on this type of contract.


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