Ever wonder how movies get those ratings like “G” or “PG”? Did you know that the “ratings” are actually called classifications?

In British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC is responsible for classifying all general release movies that are shown in theatres in our province. Our motion picture classification team reviews film content so you as the public can make informed viewing choices for yourself and your families. For more information about what we do and what each category means, visit the motion pictures page of our website. You can check out the classification categories (i.e. 14A) of the movie you want to see as well as an advisory which gives you more insight into the content of the film.

In 2009, Consumer Protection BC held a student film competition to produce a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) about film classification. Four individuals/teams went head to head and created some excellent PSAs. Our finalist was Stephanie Blakey whose winning entry was shown on the big screen in movie theatres across BC. Have you seen it before? If not, here’s a link to her winning entry and the runner-ups as well! Everyone did a great job and we love the entries.

  1. Rated Argyle by Stephanie Blakey – Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
  2. Spaces by Tim Laks – Capilano University
  3. Chloe’s Knight Out by John Oman – Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
  4. Kid’s Choice by Jonathan Williams – Capilano University