Our thoughts are currently with all those countries which have recently had earthquakes. Experiencing a natural disaster is a life-changing event. Being that we are in British Columbia and fall within an earthquake zone, writing a blog about earthquake preparedness seemed appropriate. Are you prepared?

We have found some great online information about how you can prepare for the “big” one. The first site is a page from the BC government website – Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. They encourage having an emergency plan and emergency kits and you can find out more about how to prepare them. There are additional suggestions for items that you can put together for an evacuation pack, a vehicle pack, or an office pack. Creating an emergency plan in case an earthquake hits when everyone is separated (at work or at school etc.) is also extremely important.  

The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has a webpage called Prepared BC which includes links that will help you and your family prepare for other types of emergencies including flooding, tsunamis, wildfires, and avalanches. Although we can’t prevent a natural disaster from occurring, we can do our best to prepare.