We are gearing up for another cold and wet week here in Victoria. This is about the time of year where I’m dreaming of getting away to a place with great food, beautiful beaches, and lots of great snorkelling. My more realistic travel buddy has reminded me that many things need to be put in place before we get to go anywhere. Who are we booking our trip with? Are our passports up to date? Are there any travel advisories on our destination? What about booking accommodations and even excursions?

I want to remind consumers that booking travel through a licensed BC travel agent is a smart way to ensure your vacation runs smoothly. It is the law that travel agents with offices in BC be licensed. All these licensees are required to meet certain requirements and contribute to the Travel Assurance Fund (TAF). The TAF is a fund of last resort that consumers can apply when the services they paid for are not received, such as in the case of a business failure. For more detailed information on the TAF, visit our consumer help page.

In order to ensure that you are booking travel through a licensed business, look for the Consumer Protection BC logo on travel agency websites. You can also access our active travel agent search to confirm your agent is licensed and in good standing.

Consumer Protection BC does not oversee all areas of business around travel agents. It is very important that you are comfortable with your purchase and carefully read through your documents to make sure you have everything in place for a great travel experience. For more travel tips and things to keep in mind before booking a vacation, look through our blog posts listed below.


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