We use the online platform GetHired for our competition processes, which means you will be applying for any jobs with us on this platform. As part of that process, we sometimes ask pre-screening questions, sometimes we ask for a cover letter and sometimes we may ask for both, depending on the job.

Let’s talk about what we are looking for from you when we ask for this additional information.

Pre-screening questions

An example of a pre-screening question may be “Tell us why you would be a good fit for this role”.

  • We are looking for a cover-letter-type response with details about you that are relevant to the job description and selection criteria.
  • Be clear, please keep your response to the length of a small paragraph. No less than 150 words per text box. We want to see that you can answer questions and communicate effectively.
  • Make connections, and try to answer the why behind the questions we are asking you.
  • We are looking to see if you’ve looked through our website and learned something about our organizational mandate and values before applying.
  • We will want to know why this opportunity interested you, why the selection criteria fit with your background, and/or how the job duties will align with your career goals.

Remember to save your responses, before clicking “Continue”!  If we don’t get your written responses by the posting closing time, your application may not be considered.

Cover Letter

When we ask for a cover letter, here is what we are looking for:

  • Keep it simple, aim for a maximum of one page. Please exclude headshots or other personal information unless it is relevant to the job description or your background.
  • Find out the name of who you are writing to for the cover letter. HINT: remember to watch the “meet your (potential) boss video” from the job ad and review the HR & Culture blog on our website for some key People & Culture contact information.  
  • Talk about how you match the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the job description, beyond what is in your resume.
  • Make the connections between your experience and what we are asking for in the selection criteria listed in the job description and the competencies you bring to your chosen role.

It’s always a good idea to spend time reading through the Careers page on our website to see if we are a good fit for each other. You can learn more about our corporate values and our perks and benefits, and read more posts from “The Right Fit”, our HR & Culture blog to find out more about us and get tips to ace your interview!

Want more tips?

Read through all of our posts in our HR & culture blog, The Right Fit, We have lots more information to help you understand and be successful in our recruitment process and in our job interviews, including:

Think you might want to join our team?

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