Here are four tips from Amber, our Director of Human Resources to help you prepare for and increase your chances of success in our job interviews. 

1. Be yourself.

You’ve already gone through at least two parts of our application process – the resume screening and a call with HR. If we’re sitting down to an interview, know that we are interested in you and we want to have a conversation with you. It’s okay to feel nervous, we feel nervous too! But don’t let those nerves or fear of saying the wrong thing dampen your personality. Interviews can be fun, we promise.

2. Prepare questions.

It doesn’t look great from a corporate culture perspective when you don’t have any questions for us. We always have time to answer questions. Remember, an employment relationship is a two-way street; we have to like you and you have to like us. Ask us about things that matter to you – compensation, team building, communication styles, next steps in the interview process – anything!

3. Do your research.

Too often candidates come in without having done their research on Consumer Protection BC outside of the job duties of the role. There is so much information on our website to help you know us better. Here are a few good resources to review before you come in: our Business Plan, our Recent Decisions, our corporate values, our LinkedIn account. When you come in with an understanding of the organization as a whole, you’ll be able to understand better why we are asking the questions we are asking. That means you’ll be able to answer them better, drawing conclusions that support why you’d be a great fit.

4. We aren’t trying to trick you.

An interview is an opportunity to have a conversation, for both parties. Our questions are genuine, we aren’t trying to trick you or test you – we are trying to determine if you have the necessary competencies to excel in the role and if you’d be a good fit culturally. In almost every recruitment process, we give you 15-20 minutes to review the questions we are asking in advance of the interview. This is a great opportunity to jot down some notes and take a deep breath. If you’re unsure of a question, as us about it.

Think you might want to join our team?

Read The Right Fit, our HR & culture blog, and the careers page of our website. Any new job postings can be found on the Join our talented team menu of our careers page. To learn more about the work we do as a provincial regulator, visit the About us section of