A few years ago, our staff got together to discuss and confirm a series of values that guide us in our work – including how we work with each other. 

So what did we land on and what do our values mean to us?

  • Trust: we consistently come from a belief that we have the best interest of the organization and each other at the heart of everything that we do. 
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves in ownership of, and take responsibility for, everything we do.
  • Impact: We consistently strive to make a positive difference in the lives of British Columbians. 
  • Excellence: We are passionate, enthusiastic professionals continually seeking to deliver with a high level of quality.
  • Integrity: We behave in an honest and transparent way with each other. 

We also spent some time more recently discussing how our corporate values play out in practice on a daily basis. We created this visual representation of our values conversations and the commitments that we made to each other as individuals and teams.


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