Have you ever experienced a cancelled flight? There can be several reasons why this may happen. We’re going to explain your rights as a passenger in three separate scenarios.

First things first

We always recommend booking your flight with a licensed BC travel agent. By doing this you have additional protections in addition to your rights as an air passenger. For example, if your airline went bankrupt, you might be eligible to apply to get your money back from the Travel Assurance Fund.

Flight cancelled? This is what your airline has to do

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, your airline must let you know the reason for the delay, what they are going to do as a solution, and your options for recourse against the airline (including your options with the Canadian Transportation Agency).  

Your rights if your flight is cancelled

It all comes down to why your flight was cancelled. Airline obligations for flight disruptions depend on the level of control they have over the situation as set out in the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. Here’s are your air passenger rights according to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

If your flight is delayed or cancelled and the reason is:

Which airlines do these rules apply to?

These rules apply to all flights flown by any airline to, from and within Canada, including connecting flights.

Where to go if you have a problem

If you experienced a problem related to a cancelled or delayed flight, you should first contact your airline to resolve it. If that doesn’t work, you can file a complaint with the CTA.


While we like to share helpful information for consumers on our blog, we have no legal authority when it comes to issues around flight cancellations or delays. The organization to speak to about this is the Canadian Transportation Agency, the regulator responsible for providing consumer protection for air passengers:

  • Email: info@otc-cta.gc.ca
  • Phone: 1-888-222-2592

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