We’re taking an opportunity to remind consumers and businesses how much can be charged for cashing certain kinds of government cheques.

What types of cheques are we talking about?

These laws only apply to BC Employment and Assistance cheques issued by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

The Ministry only issues two kinds of cheques. The two cheques we’re talking about will indicate (on the face of the cheque) either:

  • “BC Employment and Assistance” or
  • “BC Employment and Assistance Imprest Account”

Learn how to identify these cheques.
See some examples

What does the law say?

The most that can be charged to cash a BC Employment and Assistance cheque is either $2 plus 1% of the cheque amount or $10 – whichever is less. This means it should never cost more than $10 to cash these cheques.

Who does this law apply to?

The fee cap applies to any business who cashes these cheques.

Where do I go with questions?

If you’re a consumer or a business looking for more information on your rights and obligations when it comes to cashing these kinds of cheques, you can contact us directly for help.

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