Glenn’s son got himself into financial trouble and some of his unpaid bills went to collections. A debt collection agent began calling Glenn at home, trying to get a hold of his son.

“I talked to the agent countless times and explained to him I didn’t have any way of getting in touch with my son but would gladly pass along any mail or information when I heard from him,” says Glenn. When the collection agent continued to call, Glenn asked that he stop phoning about his son’s debt.

Debt collection agents are not allowed to contact someone other than the debtor about a debt, unless it’s to obtain the debtor’s contact information. Glenn filled out a form on Consumer Protection BC’s website to formally notify the debt collector that he was not the debtor.

But the agent continued to call Glenn. “He said that if I was a good father, I would pay off my son’s debt,” says Glenn. “I was looking after as many bills as I could at the time. I was doing my best.”

Having gone through all the proper processes to no avail, Glenn contacted Consumer Protection BC for help. Following an investigation into the matter, Consumer Protection BC determined the agent was unlicensed in BC and should not have been collecting debt.

When Consumer Protection BC brought the evidence forward, the debt collection company complied, dismissed the collection agent in question and agreed to stop contacting Glenn about his son’s debt.

“This whole situation struck at a bad time for our family,” says Glenn, “but my experience with Consumer Protection BC was terrific.” Glenn urges other consumers to become aware of their rights when it comes to debt collection. “I would tell other consumers to remember to keep notes, including dates and times, about your communication with the collection company. It helped me.”

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

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