In May 2017, our Victoria and Burnaby staff got together for a big team meeting. After a day of presentations and group discussions, we were told we would be participating in a team-building exercise.

We were led into a room filled with disassembled bikes ready to be put back together. We were put into teams and told that, upon completion, our handiwork would be judged by industry professionals. After an hour of teamwork and a bit of elbow grease, we were done.

To our amazement, the “industry professional” judges were actually a group of excited kids eager to try out the bikes. It turned out that the bikes we built were for children-in-need from a local Vancouver community.

We were beyond surprised, and many staff were brought to tears. “To see the kids’ faces and know that they’re going to benefit from what we did was absolutely amazing,” said one staff member. “It’s not every day you feel so a part of something like that.”

The experience reminded us of what we can do as a team. “The kids were riding their new bikes around the conference room. It was amazing to see.”

To see the surprise unfold, watch our video!

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