When you plan your trips, do you tend to use the services of a travel agent? While travel agents can make vacation planning a breeze, there’s also another big perk – access to the Travel Assurance Fund.

Booking your travel with a BC-licensed travel agent or wholesaler is a great way to ensure your travel plans are protected. If you paid for – and didn’t receive – travel you arranged through a BC-licensed agent or wholesaler, you may be able to get a refund through the Travel Assurance Fund (most of the time, this is when an airline, hotel, or travel agency goes out of business). Learn more about the Travel Assurance Fund.

If you are a BC-licensed travel agent, you have access to the fund too! Here are some tips for travel agents and wholesalers:

1. Share information about the Travel Assurance Fund with your clients

Booking through a BC-licensed travel agent or wholesaler is the ONLY way consumers have access to the Travel Assurance Fund. Don’t be shy – brag!

2. Check licensing status

If you’re purchasing travel services from another BC-based agent or wholesaler on behalf of a client, don’t forget they’re required to be licensed by Consumer Protection BC (a licence verification tool is available on our website).

3. Keep proof-of-payment documentation

Ask for (and keep!) proof of payment for the travel services you purchase from another BC-licensed travel agent or wholesaler. If the business doesn’t deliver the services and you have to purchase new tickets for your clients, you’ll need this information to make a claim to the Travel Assurance Fund.

For more details about the Travel Assurance Fund for both travel agents and travellers, including information translated into other languages, visit this page on our website.


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