Consumers impacted by the April 2013 closure of Alameda Travels Ltd., a Richmond, BC-based travel agency, have just been compensated $69,159 through British Columbia’s Travel Assurance Fund.

What is the Travel Assurance Fund?

Administered by Consumer Protection BC, the Travel Assurance Fund is a fund of last resort that provides possible compensation to consumers who paid for – but didn’t receive – travel services purchased through a BC-licensed travel agent or wholesaler.

Tips for any BC consumer purchasing services from a BC-licensed travel agent:

  1. Pay with a credit card. Whenever possible, pay for travel services using a credit card. If a travel agency suddenly closes, you may be able to receive compensation for the services not rendered through your credit card provider. Be cautious if a travel agency only accepts cash as a form of payment.
  2. Keep proof of payment documentation. Ask for (and keep!) documentation for your travel services. This could include receipts, contracts, itineraries, boarding passes, hotel vouchers and more.
  3. Research the limitations of the Travel Assurance Fund. It’s important to know that the Travel Assurance Fund doesn’t cover purchases made by gift certificate, damage deposits, dissatisfaction with the quality of service and circumstances beyond the control of the supplier (such as natural disasters, bad weather and more).

For more information:

For more details about the Travel Assurance Fund, visit our Consumer Help page


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