Considering travelling with younger kids, but not sure if your trip will go as smoothly as planned? Worry not – you’re in good hands! We asked our Facebook community for their top tips for travelling with kids. Read on to ensure your travels are fun and as stress-free as possible.

  • Snacks. Lots of snacks.
  • If you’re flying, you may choose to catch a red-eye flight so the kids are nearing their normal sleep time when you board.
  • Try to tire them out before the trip. That means burning off some energy and avoiding sugary treats beforehand.
  • Remind them to be respectful to other passengers before boarding (some may be too young to understand – and that’s okay!).
  • Pack an activity bag with books, headphones and music, colouring supplies etc.
  • Try to make up games at each step. For example, if at the airport, pretend to be arriving or leaving the destination at each gate and tell stories about what you did or what you are going to do in that city. Draw their attention to things along the way.
  • Pack a bunch of little things (toys/snacks), wrap up each one individually and keep these with you for the journey. Also, try not to let the kids see the width and breadth of your selection of wrapped goodies and only give them one at a time to draw out the excitement/distraction for as long as possible.
  • If flying, bring a pack of gum or gummies to help with their ears and the pressure change.
  • Be chill. Let kids be kids. Don’t set yourself up for frustration by pretending they’ll act like little adults. Enjoy them for who they are.

We also really liked this quote from Sue: “Remember that even though kids can be exhausting, you’ll miss these times when they’re gone (grown-up)”.

This blog post was inspired by the tips from Kelly, Anne, Richard, Beverley, Tanya, Sue, and Ann from our Facebook page. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed ideas for this blog post!

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