After years of searching, my friend has finally found the perfect house. Now comes the packing, cleaning and moving. When we imagine what our furniture will look like in our new home, we don’t picture broken lamps, scratched chairs or dented bookshelves. But no matter how close or far you are moving, or how careful people are, accidents can happen. It’s important to review your moving insurance before you move.

Other options may include the declared value or market value protection, which covers the market value of the item or replacement value protection which covers the estimated replacement value of the item. Replacement value protection may include a deductible.

If your goods are being stored, find out what insurance coverage you have for the storage time. Check with your own home insurance to find out what coverage can be provided and what your deductible is.

When speaking to the moving company, find out what the claim process is for damaged property and what the timelines are for making a claim. It’s also important to know if insurance applies when you packed your own items, or if it’s only applicable if the items are packed by the moving company. Finally, be aware of any exclusions such as priceless antiques, coins, personal papers etc. or incidences which may not be covered.

Remember, always read the fine print, and shop around.


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