“What’s your return and refund policy?” is a question you may always want to ask before paying for your purchase at a store. Retail sales aren’t bound by BC law to provide mandatory returns or refunds. There are dozens of different return policies that can exist at stores and in order to be a savvy consumer, asking that one question can save you a lot of frustration if you decide that outfit you splurged on last week really isn’t as amazing as you thought.

Some stores offer full refunds within two weeks. Some only offer store credits or exchange only. Others offer a refund so long as the item hasn’t been opened or worn. You might have noticed while holiday shopping that a large number of retailers have extended their return or refund policies a few weeks longer than normal. They do this so that the recipient of your gift has some time to return the product after the craziness of holidays has subsided. Some stores do not have refund policies and determine all sales are final (yes they’re allowed to do this!).

Our inquiry team continues to get questions about return policies and procedures, so we wanted to remind everyone that refund policies are not regulated by law. It is up to the consumer to find out a store’s policy. We promise it’s not difficult to do this. Just ask the nearest salesperson you see and ask “what is your return policy?”


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