Whether it’s for $5 or $500, gift cards make great little stocking stuffers and are the perfect gift for those hard-to-buy folks. By law, most gift cards for a monetary value are not allowed to have an expiry date. There are exceptions though, such as for a specific good like a haircut or for a mall card, where the card is good at more than one store. If you are planning on giving a gift card this year, keep reading to see more information and tips we have about gift cards!

Buying gift cards on classified sites

Many people are now selling gift cards on sites such as Craigslist at a discounted price. Although these deals sound awesome, always remember that if it sounds too good to be true it often is. An honest seller will likely go the extra mile to make sure you feel confident that you are purchasing a legitimate card. One way to check that the card is legitimate is by meeting the seller at the location where the card can be used. This way you can have a cashier check the value of the card and its authenticity before handing over your cash. Always use caution when making these types of transactions.

To find out more about gift card expiry dates and fees, visit our information page about gift cards.


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