Recently we received an inquiry which we referred to the BC Ombudsperson. We thought providing some information about this organization would be helpful to our blog readers.

What do they do?

The BC Ombudsperson addresses inquiries and complaints about the practices and services provided by public agencies. If a complaint appears to fall within their jurisdiction, the BC Ombudsperson has the ability to conduct full investigations. Their website states that investigations are both impartial and confidential. Here are some of the areas they oversee:

  • Provincial government ministries
  • Crown corporations such as ICBC and BC Hydro
  • Hospitals, schools and universities
  • Self-regulating professions such as the Law Society, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Nurses Association of BC

Their website has a more complete list of topics and agencies within the jurisdiction or outside of the jurisdiction of the BC Ombudsperson.

How to submit your complaint

If you have an inquiry or complaint, we recommend that you always try to resolve your complaint directly with the organization first. Keep records of who you spoke with, when you spoke with them, and the details of your conversation. If you feel as though your problem has not been resolved, it may be time to contact the BC Ombudsperson’s office. They have an online complaint form as well as a toll-free phone number: 1-800-567-3247. Their website is also very useful and easy to navigate and I encourage all consumers to visit it to find out more about what they do. Here is a link to their website:

We hope this is a helpful resource for you!