Living with debt is a reality for many British Columbians. For many individuals, this could mean being on the receiving end of numerous collection calls. For some, collection calls can seem quite intimidating and demanding. For this reason, BC’s consumer protection laws provide a way to request communication in writing only.

What information to include in your letter

If you are considering requesting communication in writing only, you must advise the creditor in writing. In your letter, it is important to:

  • Clearly request communication be in writing only.
  • Include identifying information such as your name, phone number, or account number.
  • Provide your address so the creditor knows where to send the correspondence.

Be sure to send your request in a manner that will provide proof that your request has been received. We often suggest sending through registered mail, email with a read receipt, or fax with a confirmation report. For the consumer’s convenience, Consumer Protection BC has created a form for requesting communication in writing only which can be accessed on our consumer help debt collection page, under “I want the calls to stop”.


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