Something not quite right on your credit report? If you notice an error on your credit report, here are the steps you need to follow to get it fixed.

The law in BC

The laws we oversee cover what can be included in your credit report and who can access it. For more information, explore our consumer help page on Credit Reporting.

3 ways to fix an error on your credit report

  1. If there is an error for the amount owing, try contacting the original creditor to try and make the correction.
  2. Ask the credit reporting agency (Equifax or TransUnion) to fix any credit details or personal information errors you notice.
  3. You can enter a 100-word statement on your credit report to explain the error if you want. Keep in mind, this statement will be visible to anyone who views your credit report. Possibly after the error is gone. Contact your credit reporter to learn about the effects of adding a statement to your credit report.

Where to go for help

If you have tried the above steps, and you have concerns about the accuracy of your personal information on your credit report, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC (OIPC) may be able to assist. Please note, the OIPC will not be able to step in until you can prove that you have gone through the process with Equifax or Transunion to dispute your report and get it updated.

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