When was the last time you checked your credit report? Businesses which approve credit for products such as credit cards, automobile financing, or home mortgages use credit reports as a tool to assess your credit “worthiness”.

When could a business check my credit?

Did you know that in most circumstances, a person or business is not permitted to check your credit without getting your consent? The person or business is usually required to get your consent in a way that proves you gave it. The information about giving consent must also be prominently displayed in a clear and comprehensible matter. If you have concerns that a business conducted a credit check on you without your consent, contact us to find out about your rights. You may be able to request that the business provide proof of your consent. There’s a lot to know about the credit reporting law in BC, if you have a question on this topic, check out the credit reporting section under Consumer Help on our website.

Whether or not you will be applying for credit anytime in the near future, it is important to check your credit report for accuracy and ensure the information on it is up to date. To receive a free copy of your credit report please review the processes on this blog post – How to get a free copy of your credit report.


Thinking about hiring a credit repair company?
How to get a free copy of your credit report