Halloween is an exciting time for many families and communities to connect and have fun together. Here are some tips to help keep your festivities safe this Halloween.

5 Halloween safety tips

If you’re trick or treating with your kids

  1. Travel in groups. It’s always a good idea to trick or treat in groups. Coordinate so you or another parent are tagging along for supervision. Make sure young kids are never out of direct eyesight and have them check in with you regularly.
  2. Be seen. Include reflective or brightly coloured clothing in you or your children’s costumes. Bring a flashlight, glowstick or glow-in-the-dark candy bucket to increase your visibility.
  3. Follow general Halloween safety tips. Here are some more general tips to avoid injuries and make Halloween fun!
    1. Walk, don’t run. Stay together and walk as a group so you don’t get separated or have anyone trip and fall.
    2. Mind your costume. Make sure costumes don’t impair you or your children’s ability to see or move.
    3. Check your candy. Avoid snacking as you go and encourage your group to check each piece of candy once they’re home, especially if your child has allergies. For smaller children, pick out the treats that could be a potential choking hazard.
    4. Check your surroundings. Go out early and stick to familiar neighbourhoods. This reduces the chance of your group getting split up or lost after dark.

If you’re driving on Halloween night

  1. Take it slow. With so many people on the sidewalks and streets, drive slowly and keep an eye out. Take extra care entering or backing out of driveways.
  2. Keep your lights on. Keep your headlights on while driving as you enjoy the Halloween decorations to stay as visible as possible. Leave a porch light on if you’re expecting trick or treaters so there are no tripping hazards.

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