A recent poll from the Retail Council of Canada found that Canadians with kids will spend an average of $75 on Halloween purchases, I thought it’d be timely to share some of my favourite money-saving tips for this ghoulish time of year.

Think thrift

From plaid shirts and straw hats for that cowboy costume to plastic beads and vintage dresses for a perfect 1920s flapper look, that local thrift shop is a paradise for any creative Halloween-er. Friends and family members can also be great costume sources – ask if you can take a look through their tickle trunk before heading out to buy something new. 

Host a potluck, not a dinner party

Instead of spending a lot of money on ingredients to create a spook-tacular feast, ask your guests to bring a creepy dish to your potluck party. Need some inspiration? Check out these scary Graveyard Cupcakes or these Spider Deviled Eggs.

Throw a costume swap

Gather up a group of parents and host a costume swap for your children – not only will you save money, but you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that some other kid is going to rock that costume you spent oh-so-many hours making last year.

Pad your candy stash

If you are looking for an alternative to candy, consider stocking up on non-edible goodies for your trick-or-treaters. You can sometimes find great deals on items such as stickers, pencils and other small items – best of all, you can’t eat the leftovers.

Start early next year

Clearance sales traditionally start the day after Halloween. On November 1, load up on decorations, costumes and non-perishable treats (such as pencils and playing cards) for next year and you’ll save a bundle.

Happy Halloween!

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