Have a youngster at home? Here are our top five tips for having a safe and happy trick-or-treating experience this Halloween.

  1. Plan your route. Plan your trick or treating route in advance. This way you won’t get lost and your kidlets won’t get sore feet. If you are thinking of going outside of a familiar neighbourhood, you can use a service like MapQuest or Google Maps.
  2. Be visible. Use reflective tape on your kids’ costumes to ensure motorists can see them, and only cross streets at designated crosswalks. Consider handing out flashlights to your crew, too.
  3. Be a helicopter parent. Accompany youngsters when trick or treating and keep to well-lit sidewalks. Kids can get really excited when trick or treating so it may be a good idea to remind them of your usual safety rules beforehand (i.e. staying close to you).  
  4. Don’t snack! Save the treats until you get home so you can inspect the candy for loose or torn wrappers. Be cautious about keeping goodies that might pose as a choking hazard.  
  5. Be responsible to your trick or treaters. If you’re handing out candy from home, make sure your pumpkins don’t pose a fire hazard to long costumes and keep your front porch and driveway well lit. 

Share your top Halloween safety tip below!